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Congratulations! You are now in the wedding planning loop and are looking for all of the best tips and tricks! Wedding planning can get pretty stressful but if you do it right, you’ll have no issues whatsoever. Lucky for you, I have curated a few awesome, life-changing tips that will not only help your wedding day run smoother but help you with planning a timeline. If you are intrigued, scroll down below for all the deets.

Tip #1: Try to front-load your formal photo sessions before the ceremony (i.e. wedding party photos, family photos, etc). This will allow you to relax the rest of the night knowing all your formal photos are done. It’s such an amazing feeling to get to walk out of your ceremony and switch into chill/party mode. Plus if you get to see some guests during cocktail hour, that makes your dinner time “guest visits” go that much faster!

Tip #2: Plan about 30 minutes for each photo segment you want to get done before the ceremony. They won’t usually take the full 30 minutes, but then you have some built-in cushion if things are running behind. I usually structure couple’s pre-ceremony timelines with 30 minutes for details, getting ready candids, first look & couple portraits, bridal party photos, and family photos respectively.

Trust me, this tactic will save you and your partner SO much time when you are structuring the first half of your wedding day!

Tip #3: Schedule 10-15 minutes during or right after sunset for some extra couple’s portraits. This is the only time post-ceremony that I have my couples do any posing for photos because it’s always worth it during the most beautiful light of the day! Try to structure your timeline so that this happens during/right after dinner, or during the dance party!

Tip #4: If you want sendoff photos but don’t want to stop the party early OR have your photographer stay for two extra hours, do a staged sendoff! It sounds lame at first, but they are always fun if you make them an extension of the dance party. Have your DJ coordinate it, play loud and fun music, and then create a natural transition back to the dance floor after!!

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