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2023 has officially arrived, and I am ready for all the gorgeous weddings that will take place this year! It is always so exciting to see the new trends unfold with each wedding season.

So let’s get into it, here are my 2023 Wedding Trend predictions!

01. Citrus Coloring & Table Decor
I have been seeing a TON of creamsicle orange, bright pink, lemon yellow, and citrus fruits as centerpieces & table decor. I think this will be a big theme this coming summer.

02. Earthy/Natural Elements
Neutrals were big in 2022 and they are staying- but with a new twist! Stone, wood, concrete, metals, ceramic, and even shells. These kinds of natural elements mixed with sleek modern signage will sweep the wedding scene 2023.

03. Wavy Edges
70’s inspired fun wavy edges on invites, signage, programs, and name cards are so fun and I think we will see a lot of them. 70’s disco themes have made their way through the wedding scene the last couple years, but I am loving this new take on the retro/70’s look!

04. Preserving your Florals
Gone are the days of paying big money for a wedding bouquet and then tossing it the next day. There are TONS of etsy sellers that will preserve your florals in glass or acrylic, so you can save the beauty of your bouquet for life!

05. 80’s Inspired Dress Sleeves
In general I’ve seen a move towards more of an 80’s aesthetic as well, and puffy sleeves are the true icon of 80’s weddings. Paired with simple classic dress silhouettes, they will be all the rage!

Do you think you’ll try out any of these 2023 trends? I am so excited for this year, I can’t wait to see all the new trends and returning trends! For some wedding inspiration, visit my blog here. To book me for your big day, click here.

2023 Wedding Trend Predictions




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