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I hired Brynna to photograph my bachelorette party and she did such an AMAZING job! She is so fun, and SO TALENTED with the camera! She also had a quick turnout for the fully edited images, which turned out beautifully.



-Kirsten Carter

As a photographer, there are certain moments that make my heart skip a beat. One of those moments is when I get the opportunity to capture the magic of a dreamy Seattle wedding. Today, I want to take you on a journey through Makinzee and Evan’s beautiful outdoor wedding day and share how their love-filled celebration unfolded.

In the stunning landscapes of Seattle Mackinzee and Evan chose to exchange their vows in an outdoor venue. The vibrant gardens with blooming flowers created the perfect backdrop for their special day. The natural beauty of the surroundings complemented the couple’s love story, adding a touch of romance and serenity to their celebration.

Makinzee and Evan’s wedding day was a combination of elegance and simplicity. The sun casting a golden glow across the venue, friends and family gathered around. The aisle leading Makinzee to Evan, who stood hand in hand, ready to embark on their lifelong journey together. The ceremony was filled with so many heartfelt moments. They exchanged vows, promising a love that would withstand all trials and celebrate every joy. It was such a pleasure being able to capture the love of Makinzee and Evan’s dreamy Seattle wedding! It reminded me once again why I do what I do.

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Kind Words

“Brynna is the BEST BEST BEST choice you could possibly make for your wedding day! She can make anyone feel comfortable in front of the camera and makes the entire process enjoyable from start to finish! Our timeline on our wedding day got a little scrunched due to other issues but Brynna still made sure we got every single shot we wanted within a short timeframe. Cannot recommend her enough!!!!!” -Nicole P

Dreamy Seattle Wedding | Makinzee + Evan




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