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I hired Brynna to photograph my bachelorette party and she did such an AMAZING job! She is so fun, and SO TALENTED with the camera! She also had a quick turnout for the fully edited images, which turned out beautifully.



-Kirsten Carter

Boudoir sessions have evolved a ton since the old-school studios with cakey makeup and cheesy outfits. Boudoir can be sensual, artistic, classy, and the perfect gift for your fiance on your wedding day. I know it can be really nerve-wracking thinking about taking these pictures and being exposed, but I promise you it will be worth it! Keep scrolling to read 5 reasons why you need to add boudoir to your wedding package.

01. It’s cheaper than booking boudoir separately.

I know at least in my packages, you can save over $400 by booking boudoir as a part of your wedding package, as opposed to booking a private session separately. This can be a huge plus for brides looking to save some money but still have some hottie pics!

02. The Perfect Gift

No more stressing about what to get your fiance for your wedding day gift! It can always be a bit overwhelming making this decision, between tie clips, concert tickets, and new socks, there are tons of options. Although all the standard gifts are just fine, there is nothing like gifting your person your boudoir photos. It is personal, sensual, and usually totally unexpected in the best way!

03. The Reaction

Speaking of the gift–the reaction photos are to die for. They are some of my FAVORITE photos during the getting ready portion of the day. My bridal boudoir package comes with a glass photo box, so as soon as your fiance opens it they will be GOOGLY EYED and freaking out. Looking back at these photos together is hilarious and fun– the perfect gift and the perfect moment!

04. Use That Lingerie

Make use of the lingerie you got from your gal pals– tons of brides have lingerie showers with their bridesmaids or friends, and then barely ever wear any of the hot pieces they were gifted. What better time to make use of all of your new lingerie than a photoshoot to show it all off?

05. The Confidence Boost

Your confidence boost will carry over into your wedding and your relationship! Gals come away from their boudoir sessions GLOWING and feeling more amazing about their bodies than they ever have. This kind of confidence always bleeds over into feeling hotter in your wedding dress, more attractive to your partner, and overall more secure in being your unique self!

If you’re on the fence about adding a boudoir session to your wedding package, this is your sign to just do it! Reach out to me here and let’s chat! For some more wedding tips, click here!

Kind Words

“Brynna is the BEST BEST BEST choice you could possibly make for your wedding day! She can make anyone feel comfortable in front of the camera and makes the entire process enjoyable from start to finish! Our timeline on our wedding day got a little scrunched due to other issues but Brynna still made sure we got every single shot we wanted within a short timeframe. Cannot recommend her enough!!!!!”

– Nicole Post

Why to Add Boudoir to Your Wedding Package




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