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I hired Brynna to photograph my bachelorette party and she did such an AMAZING job! She is so fun, and SO TALENTED with the camera! She also had a quick turnout for the fully edited images, which turned out beautifully.



-Kirsten Carter

Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming experience for a whole host of reasons, one major one being that it’s likely your first time ever doing it! So the decision of who to hire to help with your day can be intimidating, especially for vendors you’ll be spending a lot of time with! Wedding photographers fall into this category hands down– we are with you for almost every minute of the day, and can have a HUGE influence on the way you experience your own wedding. So, as you shop around, it’s really important to ask the right questions to get as much information as you can before making the final decision. Your wedding day should just as fun to experience as it is to reminisce on after. So with that in mind, let’s chat about 5 essential questions to ask your wedding photographer before you seal the deal!

1. Can you show me examples of full wedding galleries?

A lot of photographers will have snippets of their work on their instagram or websites, but you also definitely want to see how they capture a FULL wedding day from start to finish. I include a bunch of full wedding day galleries in my pricing guide, but if you’re chatting with a photographer who doesn’t do this, don’t be afraid to ask! You absolutely want to make sure their story-telling style aligns with the way you want to experience your wedding gallery!

2. What is included in your packages?

Every wedding photographer does pricing and packages a bit differently, so it’s good to make sure you know what is included in their base package, vs what you will have to pay additional for. Some elements to ask about include hours included, how many photographers will be present at your wedding, whether engagement sessions are included, album creation or print options, and if they give you a full gallery of edited images. This last point is especially important, because some photographers will charge additional costs for edits or print rights to photos!

3. How do you handle unexpected circumstances or emergencies?

Understanding a photographer’s approach to handling unexpected situations, such as unforeseen weather changes or equipment failure, will give you a LOT of peace of mind. I always make sure to have backup gear and contingency plans for these sorts of things, but if your photographer doesn’t mention this it may be worth the ask! You want someone who will deliver on your wedding day regardless of the circumstances!

4. How much time do you typically need for portraits and group photos?

Getting an idea of the amount of time your photographer will need for various aspects of photography, such as couple portraits, family group photos, and bridal party shots, is crucial for planning your wedding timeline. For instance, I usually plan for about 1.5 hours of getting ready and detail shots at the beginning of the day, and then 30 minutes for each photo session before the ceremony (i.e. first look & couples portraits, family portraits, and wedding party photos.) This will give you a lot of information about how your photographer structures their wedding day timelines, and help you understand if their needs align with your desired flow for a stress-free day.

5. What’s the timeline for receiving the final images, and how are they delivered?

Every couple eagerly awaits their wedding photos, so it’s important to have a clear understanding of when and how you will receive them. Ask for an estimated timeline for delivery, as well as the delivery method (e.g., online gallery, USB, prints, etc.). This will help manage your expectations and ensure a smooth transition from the wedding day to reliving those cherished moments.

I really hope these questions helped you feel a bit more empowered in your vendor hiring process! Remember, investing time in finding the right photographer who understands your desires can make all the difference in crafting a seamless wedding day AND photo memories that you’ll cherish forever.

To see more of my work, click here. To book your own session with me, or to inquire for more information, click here! I can’t wait to meet ya!

Kind Words

“My husband and I aren’t the most photogenic people on the planet (think Chandler from Friends). But Brynna has a way about her that makes you feel beautiful and a natural in front of a camera. Throughout our entire COVID wedding experience, Brynna was nothing but flexible and positive. When the big day came, I was miserable from the anxiety, but when our photos came back I saw nothing but beautiful memories. Looking at our photos brings tears to my eyes; my husband and I are having a tough time choosing which to hang in our home! I cannot recommend Brynna enough, you won’t be disappointed!” -Kathryn + Shane

5 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer




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